hunterxhunterlove says: Hello, I like your layout a lot! ^^

omg!! >< thank u so much dear *blushing xD* 

i’m glad u like it <33333333333333333

ps: i love urs too and i check ur blog everyday to see new stuff from u ^^ 

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Help this is too addicting. hisoka i mean

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"Then let's stick together! We can travel around and see the world together, it'll be a blast!"
"Yeah, doesn't sound too bad..."
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shsl-time-traveler says: Sorry if this might be a little awkward, but I saw that you made this beautiful gifset: /post/74811485565/you-are-my-dearest-friend-c and I was wondering, how did you manage to have two different gifs pasted over the same canvas and playing at the same time? because no matter what I try, I just can't do it. Is there any sort of clue you can give me? For the record, I use PS CS6. Thank you and sorry if this bothered you somehow.

oh! thank u so much dear ^^ glad u like it <33

it’s easy sweetheart ^^ i looked for tutorials for u 

here this and this

i hope it will be clear for u ^^

Hisoka is worried about his fruits ≧◡≦

it&#8217;s blank&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.

it’s blank……….